About Us

Meet Giuseppe De Palo, the inventor of YPPO

Giuseppe De Palo, Founder and CEO of YPPO Personal Ombuds, has been a full-time practitioner, professor, and advocate of alternative dispute resolution (ADR) for almost three decades. Between 2015 and 2022 Giuseppe served as the Ombudsman for the United Nations Funds and Programmes (UNDP, UNFPA, UNICEF, UNOPS, and UN-Women) Office. During his time in this role he led five UN agencies to sign a formal pledge committing to mediation of their workplace disputes and established the first UN Global Mediation Panel, making mediators easily available to UN offices globally. In 1998, he developed the vision for, and co-founded, ADR Center, one of the largest private mediation services providers in Europe, where he was for seventeen years the Chairman of the Board. During his career as a mediator, Giuseppe has contributed to the resolution of over 2,500 disputes, mediating cases in more than 60 countries and dealing with parties of over 90 different nationalities. 

YPPO Personal Ombuds is a project of the Dialogue Through Conflict Foundation (DTC), a not-for-profit organization based in Italy and the United States. DTC is committed to empowering people, organizations, and governments to reach their full potential through more constructive and innovative interactions. DTC provides YPPO as part of its mission to enhance communication within organizations around the world.

The technology underlying YPPO Personal Ombuds is provided by Resourceful Internet Solutions (RIS), the parent company of mediate.com and ombuds.org. RIS is trusted by many of the top dispute resolution programs in the world to provide secure and reliable platforms that abide by strict practice guidelines.